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Porn Stars, Models, Actresses... your next door neighbor; who are the hottest women over 50 years old? There seems to be a rather, small group of celebrities that are deserving of this category. Though there are many in the world that will take over the top spots during the votes. We all strive to age gracefully, some just do it better than others.



Demi Moore - November 11th, 1962 (49... almost 50)

Heather Locklear - September 25th, 1961 (50)

Cher - May 20th, 1946 (66)

 Christie Brinkley - February 2nd, 1954 (58)

Jaclyn Smith - October 26th, 1945 (66)

Kim Basinger - December 8th, 1953 (58)

Lynda Carter - July 24th, 1951 (61)

Olivia Newton John - September 26th, 1948 (63)


It's voting time! It is up to YOU to make these wonderful, and important decisions to end discussion of what is deemed as 'hottest women over 50'! Smart, wise, tasteful and gorgeous. Your votes determine who truly has aged the best on the planet. We will go through a series of battles to determine the ranks of these women and any qualified representative. Again, this isn't a celebrity website; regardless of occupation, Actress, Porn Star, Model, the girl next door, stay-at-home mom, blue collar girl... or you at home. (Must be contesting and 18 or older)

The beauty of women is they are all very different, it is a beautiful thing. Who is your favorite?


Michelle Pfeiffer                              Sharon Stone


Madonna                                    Kim Cattrall


Worlds Hottest Women Over 50

Who is the hottest?

Michelle Pfeiffer
Sharon Stone
Kim Cattrall
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